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A renewed Autoseum 2019

During the winter of 2018/2019, Autoseums Vänner has traditionally made great and very meritorious work on renewing Autoseum’s exhibitions. Many new vehicles have been added and will soon be on our list of collections. But just to attract some extra, I just say McLaren M8 ex Paul Newmans, Rolls Royce with very special provenance related to, among other things, ABBA, NASCAR cars, racing cars from a special era and a brand new Stefan “Lill-Lövis” Johansson exhibition with something extra special. In addition, a new separate exhibition from one of the host’s most exclusive car manufacturers. Maybe you can guess which one? Well, you guessed it, Koenigsegg!
Warm welcome

Nisse Nilsson


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At Autoseum you will also find exhibitions about toys, model flights, music, cars and more.

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Friends of Autoseum



Non-profit association the Friends of Autoseum was set up in spring 2008 by a group of car and motorbike enthusiasts who have been volunteering for a number of years at the AUTOSEUM motor museum in Simrishamn.

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Closed for the season

We want to thank all visitors for a fantastic year. Now it is closed for the season but of course the business does not stop for it. The “Gubbdagiset”, ie the Friends of Autoseum, continues to renew the museum with non-profit forces. This with Nisse Nilsson’s ideas and suggestions on how it can be renewed!